How do I edit Levels or Grade Range Values?

By default, you will find that Markboard provides a set of “Letters” or “Levels” option - each of which have been mapped to a set of default value ranges. However, you can edit these values and level/letter grade names to your liking. If you want to create an entirely new custom set of levels/grade range values, you can do so by selecting the “Custom” option.

Simply click on a cell in the table to start editing the levels/grade range information. Please note that for the levels/letter grade names, you can type up to a maximum of four characters. As for the value ranges, please make sure that the number that you are inputting is within a 0 - 100 range. (Note that these numerical values represent the Minimum Values of each grade range.)

You can also insert in additional rows to create more levels/grade ranges. To do so, click the "Add New Letter/Level/Range" button found below the table. To delete a row, click the trash icon that appears when you hover over a row. 

If at anytime you want to restore the levels/letter grade values to the Markboard default, you can click on the “Reset to Default” button found below the table.

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