How do I assess using Levels or Letter Grades?

With Markboard, entering in levels and letter grade has never been easier! First, please make sure that the level or grade ranges values that you will be using are correct by going to the Markboard global settings page.

Learn how to edit level/letter grade range values in Markboard >

To grade your students using levels or letter grades, all you need to do is simply type in the level/letter grade name into the mark input box. (Note that Markboard will take the minimum value of the level range when accounting into the calculation of the overall student marks.)

You can also adjust how you want to see your student marks displayed. By default, Markboard will display your students’ marks the way you inputted them in. However, you can choose to change it so that any marks you enter gets displayed as percentage values or letter grades.

Learn how to change how students marks are displayed >

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