How do I assign weighting for individual assessments?

Looking for a way to have one of your assessments weighted more towards the final grade than another? You can easily do so by editing the "Weight" value of an assessment.

When you are creating a new assessment or editing an existing one, you will see a input field at the top right of the assessment information window. From here, you will be able to adjust the weight value of that specific assessment. 

Think of this weight value as a multiplier. This means that “Test A" with a weight value of "2x" will be worth TWICE as much as “Test B" within the same category.



Please note that for non-summative (formative) assessments, the ability to assign a custom weighting is disabled as the assessment's mark will not be counted towards the final grade.

Also, any assessments with a custom weight assigned will be displayed as such.



To learn how to set up categories & weighting for your class, click here to learn how>

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