How do I Create & Enroll Students into my Class?

Creating & enrolling students in Markboard will be the first thing you will need to do to get up and running! Whether you are creating your students for the first time, or re-enrolling class lists from past semesters, it’s a breeze to get set up!

First, click on the Students tab from the class header. From the page, you have two options to set up your class list.


Option A: Create New Students

If you need to create new students, you can do so by clicking the “Create New Students” button. From the window that appears, you can type in or paste in your class list. One student per line, with an optional student ID separated with a comma.

Here’s an example of the class list entry format:

John Smith

Jane Doe

Tom Hanks, 12345

Once you are done, click the “Add Students” button and these students will be created and enrolled into the class.


Option B: Enrolling Existing Student

If you already have pre-existing students from another semester or class, you can enroll them into your new class. To do so, click on the “Enroll Student” button.

Enrolling Individual Students

From the window that appears, by default, you have the option to enroll individual students. Simply click on the “Enroll” button next to the student name. You can sort this list by semesters, ascending or descending first/last names and even search by name.

Enrolling Entire Class Lists

You also have the option to enroll entire class lists at once. To do this, you can click on the “Class List” tab and a list of available class lists to enroll from will appear. You will also be able to sort this list by semesters as well. To enroll an entire class list, simply click on the “Enroll # Students” button. Note that if you already have all students from an existing class-list enrolled into the current class, it will be indicated as “All Available Students Enrolled”.


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