How do I add standards to an assessment?

Creating a New Assessment

To add standards when creating a new assessment, click on the green '+' button in the top right of the page.


Select the style you want for your new assessment. The options are:

  • Score - grades are calculated based on an overall value such as 100
  • Binary - a pass / fail assessment
  • Rubric - similar to score assessments but also has an attached rubric

Once you've chosen a style you'll be asked to enter details for the assessment as shown below.

You'll want to start by naming the assessment which is the only mandatory field to fill out.

At this point, you can edit other details of your assessment which include:

  • Tag assessment to a unit
  • Determine what students will be assessed
  • Specify a due date
  • Adjust the Category the assessment is part of (will default to the first one in your subject)
  • Set it as a summative or formative assessment
  • Set whether you want this assessment in ALL sections of this subject or just this one

To add standards to the assessment, click the "+ ADD STANDARDS" button and choose the standards that you'd like to attach to the assessment.

This information can also be added or changed later.

Editing an Assessment

To add standards to an assessment that you've already created, click the gear icon on the assessment card.


A window will open identical to that when creating the assessment. Click "+ ADD STANDARDS" and you'll be able to search for and add the standards that you need to the assessment! 

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