How do I view standards proficiency for my whole class?

To begin, head to the "Insight" tab in Markboard.


Here you will see a list of all the standards that have been assessed so far in this class.

By clicking "Most Met" in the top right, you can change the order in which standards are shown.

You can also search for a standard in the top left.

Clicking on the standard will give you a description of the standard, and a detailed breakdown of those students have met the standard, those who are below level, those who have not met the standard, and those who have not yet been assessed on this standard.

Clicking on a student's name will show you the assessments that this student has been graded on the standard, as well as their proficiency on that assessment.

You can also change whether this standards proficiency breakdown is using all available assessments, or showing the best or average of the most recent assessments.


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