Creating a Unit

Creating units in Planboard is straightforward. We'll start by showing you how to create units from the "Unit View". 

In Planboard, click on the "Unit" tab in the top right (Other tabs are Day/Week/Month). 



This will open up the "Unit View". The unit view is where the management of your units is handled.

Start by selecting the section that you'd like to plan your units for. This is done by clicking the section name in the dropdown:



Your list of lessons will load on the lest panel. To create a unit you can click on the Tab that says "__ Units". 


This will display a list of units available. If you haven't created a unit before, there will only be one option. If you have created units before, this option to create a new unit will be at the bottom of the list. 

To add a unit, click this "+ Add a New Unit" button. 


This will open a modal where you can select the colour for the unit, add a unit number, and title. 


Click on "Create" and your unit will now be created :)


You can also create a new unit from any lesson. Simply click on the "Unit +" button next to the lesson title, and you will see the "+ Add Unit" button there as well. 


In the next tutorial we'll learn how to add lessons into a unit, and use the Unit description fields to add standards and resources for your lessons. 

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