Assigning Lessons to a Unit

Now that we know how to Create a Unit, let's explore how to add new lessons to that unit. 

On your Planboard page, all lessons have a little grey rectangle next to the lesson title, which says "Unit +". To create a new unit, or assign that lesson to an existing unit, you can click on that button. Here's what it looks like. 


When the button is clicked, it will look something like this: 


The existing available units for that section will be available, and the option to create a new unit and assign the lesson to it are available. If no units are available (none have been created) just the "Create a New Unit" button will be displayed. 

Anywhere that you see this "Unit +" button on a lesson, it means you can click to assign the lesson to a unit. 


If you see this button displayed in colour, and it has a unit number in place of the '+', it means that the lesson has been assigned to a unit. You can still click this button, but now, if you select a different unit, it will change the unit that is assigned to the lesson. 

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