Adding unit content to lessons

When using the Chalk unit planning tools, we aim to make it simple to add unit content (standards, resources etc) into your lesson plans for quick and easy use. 

Once you've created your unit, you can add a course description, attach standards specific to that unit, and attach any resources you want to be using throughout that unit. 

If your lesson is within a unit, you will see the "Unit Content" button available as you're planning. That button can be found when in edit mode, next to the "Add Standards" "Choose Template" buttons at the bottom of the lesson plan. 




When you click that button you will see a popup appear with your resources that you have assigned for that unit. 



You can quickly add these resources by clicking on the download button on the right. If you want to include standards questions to ask across your unit lessons you can also add content in the "Description" field, and add that into your lesson, or just copy and paste from the popup. 

You can also quickly access standards assigned to the unit by clicking on the "Add Standards" button like you would for any other standards. Lessons with a unit assigned to them will have unit level standards listed first. Like so: 



This is designed to make filtering out the standards you want, easier to find and discover. 


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