How can I mark a student’s work as late or unsubmitted?

Do you need to keep track of which students have submitted their work in late or have not turned it in at all? You can do so from two places:

A) From the Assessment View


When you hover over the student row, you will see a “Mark As” option. By clicking on it, you will see that you have an option to mark whether that student turned in their work late or have not submitted their work at all. If you have already marked a student's work as late or unsubmitted and wish to remove the label, select the “Remove” option from that drop-down.


B) From the Student Portfolio View


Within the student's assessment feed, click on the edit button next to the assessment name. From the window that appears, click on the "Mark As" option and select either Late or Unsubmitted from the drop-down menu.

When you have marked a student’s work as unsubmitted, you will see an unsubmitted label appear on your assessment card on the assessments page as well as the individual student’s timeline.



**Please note that marking the student’s work as late or unsubmitted will not affect their mark or overall grade. Its purpose is to help you keep track of tardy or unsubmitted student work.

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