Creating a template

Planboard allows you to create Templates and assign them to any given subject. This way you don't have to start from scratch while planning during the year!

  • click the 'Menu' icon () in the top left navigation bar
  • Select 'Templates' from the Planboard sub-menu.


  • Click the '+' button to create a new template


This will bring you to the template editor shown below



Assigning a Template to a Class

If you would like a class to always start off with a particular lesson plan template, you can do that by assigning a template to that class.

  • Click the Assign to Classes button
  • Choose any classes which you would like to have this lesson plan template

Note: Assigning a template won't overwrite any content. It will only go into any blank lessons for the assigned subjects.

See here for how to assign a template to a single lesson plan.

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