Add curriculum sets to subjects

Where to Search

Start by clicking the menu icon in the top left then select Subjects.

This brings you to your Subjects page (shown below) where you can use the search to find and add curriculum sets to specific subjects. Just click on a Subject to get started

How do I Search Effectively?

All sets uploaded by Planboard are formatted as follows:

(state/province/common core)  -  grade #  -  subject 

For example, if you're looking for the math Common Core State Standards for grade 2 you should search:

"Common Core State Standards - Grade 2 - Mathematics"

See here for a list of standards that we currently have uploaded to Planboard.


Official vs. Non-Official Curriculum Sets

Curriculum sets uploaded by are marked official as they're pulled directly from the source document. 

Individual teachers can also share curriculum sets but these will not have the official tag. This is because teachers are free to customize these sets as they see fit.

You can tell the difference between the two by looking at the Author of the sets you're searching for. (see below)

A green 'Official' tag will also appear next to the title of assigned official sets.

Click here to Learn how to upload your own curriculum sets.


Now you're ready to assign individual standards to your individual lesson plans! 


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