Add Off-Days

Off-Days block out a day in your planner so you can't create lessons that day. To add Off-days:

  • Click on the Planboard menu icon in the top left
  • Choose Semesters


Hover over the semester for which you wish to add an Off-Day and click on the umbrella icon:


You can now add off-days using the two options Add Holidays and Add Off-Day shown below:


Add Holidays:

Click 'Add Holidays' to access holidays from various countries. When you add these it will add everything that falls between the start and end date of the semester you're in. 

Add Off-Day:

You can also create custom Off-days by clicking 'Add Off-Day' and providing the following:

  • Cause/Title
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Edit Off-Days:

Once an Off-Day has been added using either method you can always edit it by clicking on the title in the list. You can then change the reason or the start and end dates of the Off-day.


Make sure you Save your changes

Here are a couple of links to other useful help articles:


Happy Planning :)

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