What do other teachers say?

Below are just some of the testimonials that teachers gave us. Feel free to share your thoughts about Planboard with us via email or through Twitter. We may just feature it here!

"As a teacher who wants to maximize my time, Planboard is a life saver. I am able to stretch out my curriculum planning, and look at the big picture of a week or condense it down to a daily lesson. The program has shortened my planning time and given me more time to dedicate to other parts of the job." -Heidi Yost, Lustre Christian High School, USA

"I have been looking for an online teacher planner for a long time now. I have searched and tested extensively. I believe your solution is the Holy Grail. I have been searching for. Being able to input my own countries standards and the ability to see when I have used the standard is perfect." -Mark McComas

"What has impressed me most about the Planboard Team is not that they have developed a straightforward, user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for a paper planner. It is the fact that they respond promptly and thoughtfully to questions or concerns, and are constantly using feedback to improve Planboard's scope and versatility. Meeting teacher needs is obviously their top priority." -Mary Lou Tasko, Waterloo, Canada

"I must say that I ❤ Planboard. I love being able to plan collaboratively especially with the student teacher that I have had recently. I could give him the outline of what I wanted, he filled in his details and I checked it, all before Monday morning. I find myself planning my lessons more thoroughly with planboard than I do in my day book." -Suzanne Wynn-Jones, Year 3 Teacher, The Illawarra Grammar School, Australia

" is the most amazing tool for teachers, and should be the new standard for schools everywhere." — Jen Mott, Sycamore Junior High, Cincinnati, Ohio

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