How do I realign my schedule?

Your Monday schedule showing on Tuesday? Fear not we have you covered!

  • Select the Planner icon  in the top right
  • Then select 'Day' in the top right below the planner icon

From the Day view you'll see the rotation day icon in the top left of the screen (see screenshot below)

Selecting this will allow you to adjust that day's rotation day. This changes all days moving forward within the semester so make sure to keep that in mind when adjusting your schedule.

Things that affect your rotation:

When an Off-day is inserted into your schedule, it can change your rotation depending on your Advanced Settings.

(see this article if you're not sure what an Off-Day is)

If you use the 'Edit Schedule' option for an individual day, this will change that day to a 'Special' rotation day that isn't necessarily in the schedule you created.

A sample of a populated weekly rotation with five rotation days (Day 1 - Day 5) is shown in the screenshot below: (how do I get to this screen?)


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