Printing lesson plans, timetable, and the day/week

In Planboard you can print any of the following:

  • Timetable
  • Individual Lessons
  • Multiple Lessons (From Week or Month view only)
  • Day/Week/Month View

Printing your Timetable

Start by going to your timetable in the menu found in the top left corner

Use the print options shown in the image below:


Printing Individual Lessons

Anywhere you can edit your lesson you can print it (Day, Week or Unit views)

Once you're in the lesson you want to print use the 'Options' button in the top right of the lesson and choose PDF. From there you can print it or save it. See below:

Printing Multiple Lessons

Only available in the Week View

From the Week or Month view, select the print option in the top right corner

A popup will appear with printing options, select the section you want to print from the 'Section(s) to Print' drop down menu:

You should notice the sample on the right will update. You'll also see new options to choose a date range. Adjust the dates to print as many lessons as you need.


Printing Day/Week/Month Views

Start by navigating to the view you want to print using the options in the top right, then select the Print button as shown below:

Note: To print the entire Week or Month view as you see it in Planboard, make sure the 'Section(s) to Print' drop down is set to 'All'




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