Sharing lesson plans

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How to share your lesson

Steps to share

  1. Open a lesson you'd like to share
  2. Select 'Share' from the lesson window
  3. Type your colleague(s) name or email


Note: If the teacher you share with is at the same school, you will see their name to share with. If they do not have access, the lesson will be sent to their email address.

Hint!: For easy organizing, add lesson plan tags!


Link & Embed Code

Using the Link

The link allows you to share the lesson plan with anyone, they don't have to have a Planboard account. Just copy the link and send it to whoever and they will get to the page below which includes:

  • Attachments
  • Embedded Videos
  • Assigned Standards/Expectations

Using the Embed Code

The embed code is what you need to embed the lesson plan directly into another website. For example if you have your own blog and want to have the lesson plan in one of your posts, you could use this embed code to accomplish this by pasting it into your blog.

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