Track my curriculum progress

Click on "Standards" in the main menu to access your standards/curriculum progress

Here, each section will have a progress bar telling you how many of the standards/expectations you've covered. You can click on a section to view the detailed coverage for that section. 


If you have more than one set assigned to a subject, select which set you want to see progress for by selecting it from the drop down on the right. (see below)


The list below is your coverage of each individual expectation from that set. Expectations that have been covered in a lesson are marked with green codes, and a green checkmark on the right. To explore more, click on the standard bar, and it will expand. 

Green indicates it's been covered in at least one lesson, grey means it hasn't been assigned yet.

If you click on a green standard/expectations, you can see all the dates it's been assigned to. You can then click on that date to jump to it in your planner.


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