Setting your Rotation Schedule

What is a Rotation Schedule?

Your rotation schedule is the answer to the following question:

How long does it take for your schedule to repeat itself?

For example:

  • if you have the same thing every day, you have a "Daily" rotation schedule
  • An A/B rotation would be a "2 Days" rotation schedule
  • If you have a class every Wednesday while the rest of your schedule is the same every day, you have a "Weekly" rotation schedule

Where do I set my Rotation Schedule?

Start by going to your Timetable page using the menu in the top left corner. Your Rotation Schedule is there in the top right

Adjusting your Rotation Schedule will impact how many days are shown in the main area on this page. Above is a sample "Weekly" rotation, below is a sample "2 Days" rotation.

The options range from Daily up to 4 weeks. As always make sure to save before navigating away from your Timetable

Here are a couple of links to other useful help articles:


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