Setting up your Subjects

When you setup your Subjects in you're creating Subjects for all apps at once.

You'll be able to schedule them through Planboard as well as create assessments for them through Markboard.

To manage your subjects use the main navigation menu in the top left corner as shown below.


From here there are two main things you'll want to look at.

Adding Curriculum to your subject

In order to be able to track standards or expectations throughout the year you need to first add the overall set to your subject. 

This help article walks through how to search for them effectively. 


Adding Sections to your Subject

Each subject starts with at least one section. A section represents a group of students who are taking that subject.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A given section should only be schedule once per day 

Generally, you have a section for each group of students you teach because you need a lesson planned for each of them. If there are many groups you teach the same lesson to, you may then want to consider simplifying your setup.

Here are some examples to help explain how you should setup your subjects and their sections.

Example 1: I teach 2 groups of students the same Grade 9 Math

In this example I'll have two sections for one 'Math - Grade 9' subject. Each section would be scheduled separately on the Timetable.


Example 2: I teach Math to a Grade 9 and Grade 10 group

Here, I created a separate subject for each since Grade 9 and Grade 10 Math vary in their content. Each only has one section since there's only one group in each.


Example 3: I teach each grade level computer science at an elementary school. I have 2 groups of students for each grade level from K to 8. When planning I only create a lesson plan for K-2, one for 3-5 and one for 6-8.

The first thing to note is that there isn't a section for each group of students. This was done to simplify the planning process since I actually plan 3 lessons, not 18. (K to 8 with 2 groups in each = 18)

With this setup I'll only be creating one lesson for all groups that fall within a subject. Here's the trade-off:

  • Gain Simplicity by only having to create and manage 3 lesson plans
  • Sacrifice Flexibility as I can't create different lessons for each of the 18 groups

Below is a sample if I had a section for each group of students. 

This makes it easier to differentiate between groups of students at the cost of my planner being a bit more complicated.

To make managing so many sections easier, take a look at these helpful tools:

Setup Lesson Plan templates so you don't have to start from scratch every lesson

Copy a lesson plan so you can plan it once, copy it across, then make minor adjustments within each section as needed.


Happy Planning :) 


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