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This guide will help your team get started with navigating Resources, sharing lessons, and importing lesson materials to Planboard.



Resources is where collaboration happens in It’s where you can store lessons that you want readily available, or access shared lesson materials from your school or colleagues.

Select the Resources icon from the App Launcher start page, or from the dropdown menu in the top left of


Creating lessons in Resources

Click on the “Create New Lesson” button in the top left of Resources to create a lesson plan. automatically saves your lesson as you type, to be picked up later in Resources.


Tip! Add tags to your lesson to easily search for it later



Navigating Resources

Resources is broken up into four sections on the left sidebar:


My Resources - Lesson plans saved or shared by you.

Shared with me - Resources shared specifically with you by colleagues.

Everything - This is all of your resources, your colleague's resources, and your group resources.


Groups - A central repository for anyone in a group to share and import lessons.


There are two types of resources, identifiable by these icons:

L - A single lesson

LG - A group of lessons


Click on a lesson or group in Resources and see more information pop up on the right side.

  • Edit the lesson if it is yours
  • The blue Import button puts the lesson in your Planboard
  • Share sends the lesson to a colleague or group
  • See who owns the resource, and who it's been shared with
  • View or download attached files
  • The Standards section shows the applied expectations to this lesson. Hover over one with your mouse to see more information.
  • Add comments to give feedback on the resources or provide more information


Importing Resources

Use the blue Import button from a lesson in Resources, or from a single lesson that a colleague shared to you via link or email. The import window will pop up, allowing you to select a day and class to import that lesson.

Importing a group of lessons will insert lesson plans from the date assigned, and subsequent dates for the number of lessons imported. 

Shift - Insert the lesson plan into the chosen class, and push all lesson plans forward one class to fit the new lesson in.

Overwrite - Replace the existing lesson plan (if any) for the chosen class. NOTE: Overwritten lessons cannot be recovered.


Tip! Use the Import button when editing a lesson in Planboard to quickly access your Resources


Sharing a single lesson

Sending lesson plans to your colleagues is a breeze from Planboard or Resources. Use the Share button in the Lesson Editor in Planboard or from a lesson in Resources to bring up the sharing window.

3 Steps to Share a Lesson

1. Type in your colleague's name or email. Add as many as you like.

2. Add tags to keep the lesson organized in Resources

3. Click Share!


Sharing multiple lessons

From the Week or Month view in Planboard, select the Share button in the top right.

5 Steps to Share Multiple Lessons

1. Choose your Subject/Section

2. Choose the dates to include lesson plans from

3. Name your lesson group

4. Select the lessons to share, or select all

5. Click Share and add recipients


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