How do I assign a template to a subject?

Once you've created a lesson plan template, assigning it to a subject will save you time, as it will pre-populate all of that subject's lesson plans with this template. That means you spend less time setting up the structure of your lesson plan and more time filling out the lesson part of the lesson plan. Pretty neat right :)

Let's get started! To assign a template to a subject on the Planboard for iOS app,

1) Tap on the menu button in the top left corner, then tap 'Templates'

2) Tap on a template to select it from the list, then tap on the 'Assign Subjects' button

3) Tap on the subjects for which you wish to assign this template, then tap 'Save'

Note: If you want to assign the template to a subject in a different semester, tap on the down arrow to change the semester

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