How do I grade an assessment?

Navigate to the individual assessment page that you want to grade by clicking on the assessment card or by clicking on the assessment name in the assessments table view.


To begin grading click on a student cell to display the grading options available



Grading Options - Score

For assessments of the type 'Score' you can grade the student based on an overall score as well as provide comments and attachments to the given grade. These options can be seen once a student has been selected to grade (see below)


Grading Options - Binary

'Binary' assessments have the same options as 'Score' the only difference is that instead of assigning a value grade you set either achieved or did not achieve.


Grading Options - Rubric

For a 'Rubric' assessment, you have the same options as 'Score' where you can assign a grade, comments or attachments. In addition you can also assess the student based on the rubric that you created for this assessment.



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