How do I edit my timetable?

You can rearrange your schedule at any time. The changes you make will only affect the current day forward, allowing you to changes schedules part way through a semester.


To get started, tap on the menu button in the top left corner, then tap 'Timetable'


Schedule a Class

1) Tap the '+' button at the bottom right

2) Tap on "Choose Section"


3) Select the section you wish to add from the list

4) Tap on "Choose Days Taught"

5) Select the days you teach that section from the list


6) Tap on "Choose Start Time" and "Choose End Time" to select when your class starts and ends

7) For both the start and end times, select a time on the clock and tap "OK"

8) Tap the checkmark when you are done

Edit a Class 

You can change the time of any class you have in the timetable already.

1) Tap on the class you wish to change

2) Change the start and end time of the class

3) Tap the checkmark when you are done

Remove a Class

1) Tap on the class you wish to remove

2) Tap the trash can in the toolbar

Change Rotation

Your rotation is how often your schedule repeats.

1) Tap on the current rotation in the top right

2) Select the desired rotation from the list


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