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Taking attendance has never been so easy! If you haven’t already done so, make sure to have your students created and enrolled in your classes in MarkboardOnce that’s done, you have two places from which you can take your class attendance.

Option I: From the Planboard Day View

In, Attendance is integrated right into Planboard, making it intuitive and quick to use. From the Day View in Planboard, make sure you are on the current date - you can simply click the “Today” button found near the top left.

Once you are on today’s date, you will see a “Take Today’s Attendance” button above the sticky note near the top right of the page. (Note that this option is not available if today is an offday) Clicking it will bring out the attendance sidebar. When you do that, it will automatically expand out the current scheduled class that you have based on the current time. You will see your classlist appear with a checkmark and 'x' icon next to each student’s name.

From here, simply mark the students that are absent by clicking on the 'x' next to the student’s name. Want to make a note of students that were sick or late? You can add an additional note about a student's attendance.

Once you have finished taking the attendance, it will autosave the information and you can click outside of the sidebar to close it!

To see your class attendance record, you can do so from the Attendance app. To get there, simply click the “View in Attendance” link located at the top of the attendance sidebar or you can also hover the menu icon on the top left and select “Attendance” from the global menu.


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Option II: From the Attendance App

The Attendance app gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your classes' attendance record. To access the Attendance app, hover over the menu icon on the top left and select “Attendance” from the global menu.

Once you are in the Attendance app, you will be able to view your class attendance record over a weekly timeframe. You can navigate between your classes by clicking on the class selector dropdown button near the top left. You can also navigate across different weeks by clicking on the left and right arrows or by clicking on the date within the header.

You can also input attendance records for today and previous dates. Click on a cell in the table and click on the 'x' to mark the student as absent. Want to make a note of students that were sick or late? You can add an additional note about a student's attendance.

Note Off-days and future dates' attendance records are not editable.

Once you have finished taking attendance, it will autosave all the information!

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