How do I enter a reason for a student's absence?

There are two easy ways to mark a student late:


Simply swipe from the right to the left on a student who is currently marked as absent and you will see options to quickly mark them as sick or on vacation. Tap on the appropriate option.

Long Press

Simply press and hold on a student to bring up an option to mark them as sick or on vacation.


Custom Reasons

You are also able to provide a custom reason for that student's absence. You can swipe the student and tap on the grey Other button, or you can long press on the student and choose Other Reason as shown in the photos above

You will then be able to enter your reason - just be sure to keep it short and sweet under 10 characters!


Removing a Reason for Absence

To remove the reason for the student's absence, you can either swipe and tap the Remove Reason button, or long press on the student and choose Remove

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